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This is the companion Workbook you need to capture your answers and complete your own Career Happiness Project.

The Career Happiness Project makes carer coaching accessible to everyone.

By narrowing the focus and walking through a proven, step-by-step methodology, you can learn what needs to be present in any role for you to find your true and sustainable Career Happiness and fulfillment.

Isn't it time to align with your most meaningful work, and make the impact you are here to create?


What is the Career Happiness Project?
The Career Happiness Project is a Do-It-Yourself career coaching curriculum. A simple, step-by-step methodology to give you the clarity and focus you've been needing to identify your most meaningful work and what aligns best for you, right now.

The Career Happiness Project book (also available on Amazon) is a self-contained career coaching course, giving you summarized professional development thought leadership lessons from authors like Patrick Lencioni, Matthew Kelly, Brene Brown, Marcus Buckingham, Simon Sinek, John Maxwell, Daniel Pink, and many more.

It is designed as research project on you, learning all about what you already know, discovering your brilliance, envisioning your dreams and your goals, and what feels most energizing and aligned.

Upon completion, you will be able to identify:

  • who you are - and who you aren't
  • how you are perceived (by yourself and others)
  • your purpose and your why - what's most meaningful to you
  • your unique brilliance, and how to stand out
  • your ideal role and best fit
  • multiple career possibilities, and how to evaluate each objectively
  • how to be fully energized by the work you do
  • how to confidently and compellingly communicate your value

And, you will have a clear action plan to know exactly what you need to do, both now and next.

Imagine a world where everyone is in the right role, performing at the highest levels, and feeling inspired and fulfilled by the meaningful work they are doing. It's not only possible, this is the book and workbook that will help you (and your team) achieve exactly that. It's puts you in the drivers seat, so you can Captain your own ship.

This collection of thought leadership, tools, and worksheets were fully researched and proven with thousands of clients, as a way to give people an easy, step-by-step methodology for truly having the clarity and focus for what they need both now and next.

Don't keep blindly trying new things without fully understanding what will and won't work best for you.

Once you learn this process, you can use it again and again every time you need to make a move - it's important to recalibrate and check in with yourself to know what still fits and what doesn't anymore.

The Career Happiness Project (Workbook)