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Life's too short to be unhappy at work.

Most would wholeheartedly agree with that statement, but, many don't actually know how.

They have questions like:

  • Where do I begin?
  • Why do I start out happy in a new role but then it quickly fades?
  • What are my gifts and strengths? The work that energizes me? My purpose?

If you're asking any of these questions, The Career Happiness Project is for you. If you are tired of feeling drained, burnt out, exhausted, or feeling like your life has no meaning, this is for you. If you are desperate to stop playing small, and know you were meant for so much more, it's for you. If you are ready to reignite your purpose, ditch the anxiety, and step fully into the exact life and career you want, this book is for you.

It is designed as research project on you, learning all about what you already know, clarifying your current desires and priorities, envisioning your dreams and goals, and what feels most energizing and aligned.

It's also a resource for personal and professional development, highlighting many thought leaders such as Patrick Lencioni, Matthew Kelly, Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, John Maxwell, Daniel Pink, and many more.

Imagine a world where everyone is in the right role, performing at the highest levels, and feeling inspired and fulfilled by the meaningful work they are doing. It's not only possible, this is the book and workbook that will help you (and your team) achieve exactly that.

This collection of thought leadership, tools, and worksheets were fully researched and benchmarked. They have been proven to be a game changer with thousands of clients, as a way to give people an easy, step-by-step methodology for truly having the clarity and focus for what is needed, both now and next. No, you don't need to decide what you want to be "for the rest of your life." Focus on what matters most right now, as well as the possible next step for you.

Don't keep blindly trying new things without fully understanding what will and won't work best for you.

Once you learn this process, you can use it again and again, every time you need to make a move - it's important to recalibrate and check in with yourself to learn what still fits and what doesn't anymore.

This is the book that makes career coaching accessible to everyone.

Not everyone has access to a coach. Even those who do often either skim over discovering what they really want, or take a couple of assessments, and then go right into resume writing or networking or interviewing or LinkedIn profile updates (all of which are important, after you know what you really want to focus on and how to communicate your value).

The Career Happiness Project is different.

By narrowing the focus and walking through a step-by-step methodology, you can learn what needs to be present in any role for you to find your Career Happiness and fulfillment.

About the Author:
Carla Taylor is the founder & Chief Happiness Officer of Bring Your Brilliance, a career and leadership development company. After a 15 year corporate career, Carla launched her first business in 2009, in the midst of a recession - and as a single mom of triplets. She learned to thrive in adversity and find opportunities in any circumstance. She has coached hundreds of leaders, executives, and teams, and helps each person fully bring their brilliance to work, every day. Carla sees people as the highest and best versions of themselves, and holds that vision for them. She is an inspiring keynote speaker, and leads workshops, masterminds, DreamMakers events, and retreats to inspire and motivate others to live their most authentic and fully aligned dream life. She loves Jesus, her now adult kids, and her dog Happy. She embraces life, savors every moment, and brings joy, fun, and laughter along the way.

The Career Happiness Project (Book)