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What difference will it make for you and your business when you attract     higher level    clients on LinkedIn?


Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to make an impact - while growing your business even in uncertain times?

This one-time only program is limited to only 6 entrepreneurs who have:

  • proven results with your clients

  • at least 500 connections on LinkedIn

  • a product or service worth $500 or more


Take advantage of the time you have - right now - to create the LinkedIn presence you've always wanted (and needed!).

    Have you been wanting to...


    ...create a strong personal brand -
    but were never quite sure what to do?

    ...increase your presence on LinkedIn,
    even before all networking events went virtual? known for who you are and what you
    contribute best
so no matter what you are up to,
    people want to connect with you?

Right now, sign up for the Instant Impact 4-Week LinkedIn Brilliance Bootcamp to amp up and fully leverage LinkedIn (which is THE biggest online networking event on the planet, every day.)

Get the LinkedIn Instant Impact Results You Want -

In the next 4 weeks, you can:

  • Strengthen your personal brand to become a recognized leader in your field

  • Attract higher caliber clients so you can work with your ideal clients an projects you are excited about

  • Increase your revenue - make more money with better clients even in a down economy

  • Save time and money - instead of paying someone else to build out your website, keep your website simple and use your LinkedIn as a landing page that you can easily update

  • Capture more dollars - once you've got leads coming in, you've got to have a deliberate and fully authentic personal brand with a strong ask to turn those leads into dollars

  • Increase your clarity and confidence so you know exactly who you can help and how you help them

  • Grow your LinkedIn audience to increase your visibility and impact - which leads to an increase in leads and sales 

  • Immediately capture your audience's attention with a strong call to action on your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company Page

  • Teach your audience how you help them - position yourself as an expert and get opportunities flooding your inbox

  • Become known for who you are - and get the "Career Insurance" you need - no matter what happens with your job or business (people do business with people they know, like and trust)

What You'll Get:

  • Group and Individual Coaching With Carla - learn strategies for shining brightly, attracting your high vibe tribe, and bringing your brilliance to your LinkedIn and your Life ($3000 value)

  • Two 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls at the beginning and end of the 4-week program

  • Weekly Hotseat/Q&A Sessions - get individualized attention within the group session focused fully on you with direct feedback on your LinkedIn Profile, Page, and Content ($2000 value)

  • Weekly 2-hour LinkedIn Work Sessions - take action and get it done while you learn in each week's session, so you don't have to add another to-do after the session ($800 value)

  • Bring Your Brilliance LinkedIn Blueprints, Worksheets, and Checklists to guide you and keep you on track ($500 value)

  • Private LinkedIn Instant Impact Member Only Community (priceless!)

  • Extra Access to Carla for Direct Questions ($1000 value)

  • Recorded Calls Available - for viewing on your schedule ($200 value)


That's $7500 of value usually reserved for my private clients.

What We'll Do:

First Week - Individual 30 minute coaching call

Every Week - Two Sessions Each Week

  • Tuesday - First hour is Group Coaching/Training, Second hour is Hotseat/Q&A 

  • Friday - Weekly 2-hour Work Session with live help from Carla

Final Week - Ind​ividual 30 minute coaching call

Where We'll Focus:

Week 1: Your Authentic Personal Brand

Week 2: Your Linked Profile

Week 3: Your LinkedIn Page

Week 4: Your LinkedIn Content

Sign up by Friday, September 18 to get a bonus one hour 1:1 session

SIGN UP HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT - Starts on Tuesday, September 29. 2020

Current accelerated 4-Week Intensive program

discount: $1997* 

(regular 6 week program is $3500)

*payment plan available if needed

Ready to get started?

Register here if you are ready to make an impact!


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