Bring Your Brilliance Starts With You

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Whether you want to focus on Career Happiness, getting deliberate about your Leadership Legacy, or designing the Work + Life that works for you, all of it starts with YOU.

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If you're like most people, you've been less than deliberate about your career path.

Maybe you "fell into it", or you were so far down one path it made sense to keep going... even if it's not really aligned with what energizes you and lights you up inside.


Even if you work for a fantastic leader at a great organization, it's still up to you to drive your career.


And to do that, you must know how to confidently and clearly communicate your value and align with your gifts and talents so you can find your flow and be energized by the work you do.

Did you know there are actually four factors that you need to create your own Career Happiness Formula?

Isn't it time to Discover... and Unleash... your Brilliance?



You know you are talented, skilled at what you do, and lead a great team.

But as time goes on, and the world shifts and changes, are you aware of the leadership legacy you are creating?

Many of us have come face to face with the fragility of life in recent months. None of us know how long we have here... the time is now to make sure every day counts.

Do you know what people will say about you and leadership? Do you know what you want them to say?

Or maybe you are need helping being a better leader, more proactive instead of reactive. And while your team is great, there are definitely things that need to improve. And if you are truly honest, there are things about you that need some time and attention too.

This high level coaching program meets you where you are and takes you to the next level - and way beyond. You will be the leader you've always wanted to be, with a Brilliant leadership legacy that will be there long after you have retired.

Working from Home


Even if you'd achieved the perfect work-life blend in previous years (or at least one that was workable for you), chances are you've been thrown for a loop (or 20) in the past year.

No matter where you live around the globe, we've all experienced lockdown and know how much adjusting and pivoting we've had to do - and often our physical or mental health - or both - have suffered.

Now is the time to get deliberate about designing the work + life that works for you - no matter what else may be going on in the world.

Working on yourself and realizing we are all a work in progress is the first step.

As the world continues to change at an ever-increasing pace, it's imperative to know exactly what you are creating with both your work and life choices.

Focus on the life and work you want to be doing, and before long, it will already be becoming a reality.

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No one can do it alone... and we are all better together.

Steve Jobs predicted that after the Industrial Revolution and the Information Age, the next stage would be a Collaboration Revolution.

That time is here, as we are now in full swing of the Digital Decade that begins in 2021.

None of us were ever meant to do it all anyway, though in the past we could try and even get pretty far.

Now, the world is changing fast... and none of us can keep up with everything. We need each other to connect and collaborate and keep us going.

This may be in the form of a Mastermind, Accountability Circle, or putting together a team to collaborate on a project by project basis. 

Whatever it is, our Bring Your Brilliance tools and resources will help make it an even more powerful experience.