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Need Help to Bring Your Brilliance?



Bring Your Brilliance

You were born to be Brilliant. You have a unique blend of gifts, talents, and experience that gives you a perspective only you can share. It's time to Bring Your Brilliance and bring your full self to doing the work you love and sharing your voice.

If you need clarity to define and communicate your Brilliance, or you already know it but simply don't have time to create your own content, you are in the right place.

Find the authentic personal branding and LinkedIn content creation tools and resources you need, or sign up for my LinkedIn ghostwriting service to help you attract your ideal audience.

What is Social Media (LinkedIn) Ghostwriting?

Just like ghostwriting for a book, a social media ghostwriter (that's me)
meets with the subject matter expert (that's you) and
interviews you to learn how you think, your tone of voice,
and helps you identify what you want to say.


Then, I help you deliberately and consistently create and
grow your personal brand, in your authentic voice -
from creating updates to your LinkedIn Profile,
creating content for LinkedIn (short posts, long posts, articles,
and more), strategically commenting on other
thought leaders' content, and helping grow your online visibility.

This helps both you and your organization - because

people want to do business with people they know and like.

Ready to 
Bring Your Brilliance?

How I Help You

Bring Your Brilliance 

In Just One Hour Per Week (Or Less!)


"Brain Dump" Sessions

Do you need an easier way to

get information out of your brain

and into the world?

Do you need more educational content to share on LinkedIn
(and elsewhere)?

My one-on-one sessions are the

perfect way for you to do a brain dump and let me make you look and sound great while educating your perfect target market.

LinkedIn Growth

 Success Strategies

Ready to grow your

presence on LinkedIn?


I help you become known for

what you do and have people

coming to you for help.
I do this by helping you be consistent in what information you share and how you share it.

I'm here to make it easy for you!

Personal Brand


Developing your personal and professional brand on social media
takes time and consistency.

You're busy, and this is
just one more thing you keep

meaning to make time for.


I give you time back

into your schedule...
simply answer a few questions,

then let me make it happen!

What My Brilliant Clients Say

Margaret B.

Business Owner

As the owner of an event space, I'm so busy managing my business, I haven't had time to market  on social media like I wanted to. Plus I didn't really know where to begin.

Carla and her services have been a lifesaver! She helped me bring my brilliance and attract the clients who are looking for our type of space so much more than I ever could have done on my own or knew was possible on LinkedIn.

Alex F.

Founder and CEO

Even though I actually help market other people's businesses, it's one of those things where you rarely take the time to do your own.

I'm so glad I finally did what I knew would exponentially grow my own business so I can help even more people grow theirs.

Thanks so much for helping me share my own voice on LinkedIn while educating my own

target market!

Anita J.

Executive Director

Not only have I been able to increase awareness for the company I work for, I am also growing my own personal brand and positioning myself as a thought leader.

I've already had so many speaking opportunities I can hardly keep up.

And the weekly calls with Carla have become the highlight of my week.

I get so much out of having that brain download that also helps me know what I'm really thinking.

“Stop trying to fit in or
keep playing small.
Now is your time to stand out
and bring your brilliance!"

Carla Taylor

Ready to bring it?






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